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$15.00 USD

-Both previously published and unpublished works are eligible, provided that potential publication on the Lazuli Literary Group website does not infringe on previously held rights.      

-Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, philosophical ruminations, stageplays, fragments, chapters, and excerpts are all acceptable. We are not concerned with genre distinctions—send us the best you have; we want only for it to be thoughtful, intelligent, and beautiful. All writers tend to develop a scrap heap of brilliant writing - sharp dialogue that has been cut in service of a plot, a philosophical tirade that can't quite be couched in a narrative, a stunning imagistic landscape of linguistic pyrotechnics that deserves an audience... Literary beauty exists in more than the conventional narrative, we believe, and the most cerebral moments cannot necessarily be expressed in more than bursts and fragments. We would love to provide a space for those portions of works that have been cut away through no fault of their own.      

-A cover letter is not required and will not affect the success of your submission.

-Simultaneous submissions are fine, even encouraged--your work deserves its due!     

-Submission fee: $15     

-You may submit multiple pieces as long as each is accompanied by a separate entry fee. One poetry submission may include up to 5 unrelated (or related) poems.      

-The winning entry will be published in AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought. An excerpt from your piece will appear on the contest page.

**Where your contest fee goes: In addition to helping our incredibly small staff fuel this magazine (our labor of love), you are contributing 20% of your contest fee to the Navajo Water Project, a charitable organization that provides running water to tribal communities: "The Navajo Water Project is Indigenous-led, and registered as an official enterprise on the Navajo Nation. Our work creates meaningful, high-paying jobs, many with benefits like 100% employer-paid health coverage." Read more about this endeavor here: https://www.navajowaterproject.org/project-specifics    

**You may purchase discounted print copies of "AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought" below. If you are placing an order, please include your FULL shipping address in your contact form. Also, please note that this offer applies to shipments within the U.S. If you live abroad and would like to order a copy of AZURE, please visit the Library Shop page on our website, which will link you to our Amazon.com listing: https://www.lazuliliterarygroup.com/library-shop.html

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.